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Celestial Body Schema / Definitions / NomaiWarpReceiverInfo
Schema Type: JSON Type: object

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Type: string

This can be anything. To have a warp pad transmitter send you to a receiver you must give them the same frequency.
Try to make it something unique so it does not overlap with other warp pad pairs.
Futhermore, multiple transmitters can send you to the same receiver if they all have the same frequency.


Type: MVector3

Rotation of the object

See Definitions/MVector3


Type: boolean or null

Do we try to automatically align this object to stand upright relative to the body's center? Stacks with rotation.
Defaults to true for geysers, tornados, and volcanoes, and false for everything else.


Type: MVector3

Position of the object

See Definitions/MVector3


Type: boolean

Whether the positional and rotational coordinates are relative to parent instead of the root planet object.


Type: string

The relative path from the planet to the parent of this object. Optional (will default to the root sector).


Type: string

An optional rename of this object


Type: string

The body the transmitter must be aligned with to warp to this receiver.
Defaults to the body the receiver is on.


Type: NomaiComputerInfo

Will create a modern Nomai computer linked to this receiver.

See Definitions/NomaiComputerInfo


Type: boolean

Set to true if you want to include Nomai ruin details around the warp pad.