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This is the official documentation for New Horizons, a framework for creating custom planets in the game Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital. Planets are created using simple JSON and XML files and are loaded at runtime. An API is also provided for more advanced use-cases.

Getting Started

For a guide on getting started with New Horizons, go to the Getting Started page.

Helpful Resources

The texturemap/heightmap feature was inspired by the Kerbal Space Program mod Kopernicus. A lot of the same techniques that apply to planet creation there apply to New Horizons. If you need help with planetary texturing, check out The KSP texturing guide.

Photopea is a free browser-based photo editor which has useful features like rectangular-to-polar coordinate transformation, useful for fixing abnormalities at the poles of your planets.

Helpful Mods

These mods are useful when developing your addon

  • Unity Explorer - Used to find the paths of game objects for copying and can be used to manually position props, ship log entries, and more.
  • Collider Visualizer - Useful when creating dialogue triggers or reveal volumes
  • Save Editor - Useful when creating a custom ship log, can be used to reveal all custom facts so you can see them in the ship's computer

Helpful Tools

These tools/references are highly recommended


This work is unofficial fan content created under permission from the Mobius Digital Fan Content Policy. It includes materials which are the property of Mobius Digital, and it is neither approved nor endorsed by Mobius Digital.

We are not responsible for any mods created using the New Horizons modding framework and assume no responsibility in the event an addon violates the terms.


The license for this project is available on the GitHub repository.