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Schema Type: JSON Type: object

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Type: MVector3

Position of the object

See Definitions/MVector3


Type: boolean

Whether the positional and rotational coordinates are relative to parent instead of the root planet object.


Type: string

The relative path from the planet to the parent of this object. Optional (will default to the root sector).


Type: string

An optional rename of this object


Type: string

Prevents the dialogue from being created after a specific persistent condition is set. Useful for remote dialogue
triggers that you want to have happen only once.


Type: number

If a pathToAnimController is supplied, if you are within this distance the character will look at you. If it is set
to 0, they will only look at you when spoken to.


Type: string

If this dialogue is meant for a character, this is the relative path from the planet to that character's
CharacterAnimController, TravelerController, TravelerEyeController (eye of the universe), FacePlayerWhenTalking,
HearthianRecorderEffects or SolanumAnimController.

If it's a Recorder this will also delete the existing dialogue already attached to that prop.

If none of those components are present it will add a FacePlayerWhenTalking component.


Type: string

If this dialogue is adding to existing character dialogue, put a path to the game object with the dialogue on it here


Type: number

Radius of the spherical collision volume where you get the "talk to" prompt when looking at. If you use a
remoteTrigger, you can set this to 0 to make the dialogue only trigger remotely.


Type: number Default: 2

Distance from radius the prompt appears


Type: RemoteTriggerInfo

Allows you to trigger dialogue from a distance when you walk into an area.

See Definitions/RemoteTriggerInfo


Type: string

Relative path to the xml file defining the dialogue.


Type: FlashlightToggle Default: none

What type of flashlight toggle to do when dialogue is interacted with

See Definitions/FlashlightToggle