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Celestial Body Schema / Definitions / DayNightAudioVolumeInfo
Schema Type: JSON Type: object

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Type: integer Default: 0

The layer of this volume.

Layers separate the priority system. The priority of volumes in one layer will not affect or override volumes in another. The highest priority volume in each layer will stack like normal.
The exception is layer 0. A higher-priority volume in layer 0 will override lower-priority volumes in ALL other layers. A lower-priority volume in layer 0 will stack with other layers like normal.

Ex: A player could be affected by the sun on layer 9 priority 0 and planet gravity on layer 3 priority 2. They would experience the gravity of both volumes since they are on different layers.
If there was a zero-g volume on layer 0 priority 1, since it is on layer 0 it will override the gravity from the sun (priority 0 which is less than 1) but they will still feel the
gravity of the planet (priority 2 is greater than 1). The zero-g volume will also still be applied because it is on a different layer.

Default value here is 0 which means this volume's priority will be evaluated against all other priority volumes regardless of their layer.


Type: integer Default: 1

The priority of this volume.

Volumes of higher priority will override volumes of lower priority. Volumes of the same priority will stack like normal.
Ex: A player in a gravity volume with priority 0, and zero-gravity volume with priority 1, will feel zero gravity.

Default value here is 1 instead of 0 so it automatically overrides planet gravity, which is 0 by default.


Type: number Default: 1

The radius of this volume.


Type: MVector3

Position of the object

See Definitions/MVector3


Type: boolean

Whether the positional and rotational coordinates are relative to parent instead of the root planet object.


Type: string

The relative path from the planet to the parent of this object. Optional (will default to the root sector).


Type: string

An optional rename of this object


Type: string

The audio to use during the day. Can be a path to a .wav/.ogg/.mp3 file, or taken from the AudioClip list. Leave empty for no daytime audio.


Type: string

The audio to use during the day. Can be a path to a .wav/.ogg/.mp3 file, or taken from the AudioClip list. Leave empty for no nightime audio.


Type: string

The name of the astro object used to determine if it is day or night.


Type: number Minimum: 0Maximum: 360Default: 180

Angle in degrees defining daytime. Inside this window it will be day and outside it will be night.


Type: number Minimum: 0Maximum: 1Default: 1

The loudness of the audio


Type: NHAudioMixerTrackName Default: environment

The audio track of this audio volume.
Most of the time you'll use environment (the default) for sound effects and music for music.

See Definitions/NHAudioMixerTrackName