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Celestial Body Schema / Definitions / BrambleDimensionInfo
Schema Type: JSON Type: object

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Type: MColor

The color of the fog inside this dimension.
Leave blank for the default grayish color: (84, 83, 73)

See Definitions/MColor


Type: number Default: 6

The density of the fog inside this dimension. The default is 6.


Type: string

The name of the *node* that the player is taken to when exiting this dimension.


Type: number Default: 750

The internal radius (in meters) of the dimension.
The default is 750 for the Hub, Escape Pod, and Angler Nest dimensions, and 500 for the others.


Type: VinePrefabType Default: hub

The dimension the vines will be copied from.
Only a handful are available due to batched colliders.

See Definitions/VinePrefabType


Type: array

An array of integers from 0-5. By default, all entrances are allowed. To force this dimension to warp players in from only one point (like the anglerfish nest dimension in the base game) set this value to [3], [5], or similar. Values of 0-5 only.


Type: integer

No Description Found